Mike Feltman, President

Mike Feltman

Mike Feltman has been president of F1 Technologies since founding the company in 1990 as Neon Software. With Mike at the helm, F1 Technologies has enjoyed years of success as a consulting firm, training firm, distributor and most notably the developers of the FoxExpress line of application development tools.

Since late 1991, Mike and his wife and partner Toni Feltman have focused on the development of the award winning FoxExpress product line. Since its initial release for FoxPro for DOS in 1992, F1 Technologies has sold over 10,000 copies of FoxExpress in over 100 countries. The latest edition, Visual FoxExpress, continues to be one of the most popular frameworks available for Visual FoxPro.

Mike is a frequent conference speaker and has spoken at conferences throughout North America and Europe on a wide variety topics. Mike’s main focus has been on Visual FoxPro application development, but he also speaks on object orientation, Internet application development, client-server development, the software business and othersubjects. Mike has also published articles in FoxPro Advisor, FoxTalk and the Virtual FoxPro User Group’s newsletter and served as technical editor of the book “Building Visual FoxPro Applications with Visual FoxExpress” published by Hentzenwerke.

Mike is actively involved in F1 Technologies consulting practice and has developed numerous applications and web sites for a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Healthcare, Construction, Retail and Manufacturing. Mike has been involved with a number of successful software projects for large companies such as Petro Canada, General Motors, Mitsubishi, Libbey Owens Ford, Teledyne and others as well as many projects for small and medium sized business. Mike is heavily experienced in desktop, LAN, client-server and Internet development.

Prior to starting F1 Technologies, Mike worked at Fox Software - the original creators of FoxPro. At Fox Software Mike worked in technical support, training and marketing, developed in-house systems and performed product maintenance on the FoxCentral module in FoxBase+

Mike got his start in computers at the age of 15 as an assistant instructor at the University of Toledo and became an instructor at the University of Toledo at the age of 17. At the University Mike taught a wide variety of courses on topics including operating systems, databases, word processing and robotics. Mike also developed the University’s robotics courseware and developed a registration system for the university in FoxBase+.

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