Active FoxPro Pages

So, you're building web pages?

And struggle along with .NET, VBA, JAVA, ODBC and ADO?

Then we have news for you: AFP is an internet server extension that processes program code inside an HTML page. Like Microsoft's ASP technology, it is a script engine for xBase code that let's you dynamically present your data on the internet. But since it does not require ODBC or ADO, access to your data is much faster. And the built-in programming language features 400+ commands and functions for any and all application purposes.




  • Extremely simple programming under Frontpage, Visual Interdev or even under Windows Notepad.

  • xBase - Code is embedded in HTML - Code.

  • Ideal for dBase, Clipper and FoxPro programmers.

  • Object-oriented programming is fully supported but not necessary.

  • Based on the world's fastest PC Data Base.

  • Supports multi-processor technology.

  • Instant live testing without compilation.

  • Optional compiling results in multiplied speed.

  • Built-in hooks for individual extension.

  • Supports HTTP- and AFP-Cookies.

  • No VBScript, Javascript, or ODBC Driver necessary.

  • Use any browser.

  • No code visible outside.

  • Automatic e-mail in case of error.

  • Supports encryption tools, memo indexers and WINAPI calls.

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