Visual FoxExpress

Visual FoxExpress is a business applicationframework like no other. It’s the only Visual FoxPro framework to combine a solid OOP foundation, n-tier architecture, active data dictionary and RAD tool into a turbo charged application development system.

Expert Object Oriented Programming

The Object Oriented Programming found in the Visual FoxExpress framework is widely recognized as state-of-the-art. Straight out of the box VisualFoxExpress delivers the horsepower you need to get everyday jobs done. VFE also has the power and flexibility to create the extraordinary - without reinventing thewheel. VFE’s use of OOP also provides a plethora of examples of design patterns and best practices for developers inclined to check out the code.

Data Dictionary Saves Time & Effort

Visual FoxExpress is one of the few frameworks for Visual FoxPro to include a data dictionary. The Visual FoxExpress data dictionary provides
a central maintenance point for properties commonly set in multiple places throughout an application. In doing so, the Visual FoxExpress data dictionary speed- all without a significant impact on performance.

Engineered to be n-tier

Visual FoxExpress is a true n-tier framework, built to be n-tier from the ground up, not retrofitted to be n-tier when it became fashionable. As the first commercial n-tier framework available for Visual FoxPro, VFE remains comfortably ahead of the pack. VFE is still the only Visual FoxPro framework to completely represent data, including tables, views, fields and view parameters with objects.

Access Local or Remote Data

Visual FoxExpress can access native Visual FoxPro Data or back-end data sources. Visual FoxExpress client-server support includes remote views, SQL
Pass Through, dynamic SQL generation, connection classes and complete transaction management.

XML and Web Service Support

Visual FoxExpress allows you to create, retrieve and update data using XML. A class is also provided that allows the developer to easily
expose Visual FoxExpress business objects as web services.

Easily Integrate Other 3rd Party Products

Of the frameworks that include a data dictionary, Visual FoxExpress is the only one that includes a DBCX based data dictionary. DBCX compatibility is an important feature in a data dictionary because it makes integration with other DBCX products such as the Stonefield Database Toolkit and Micromega Systems Foxfire! a snap.

VFE also integrates well with other 3rd  party products such as Westwind Technologies’ Web Connection and Active FoxPro Pages. Support for Steven Black’s INTL Toolkit is built into VFE.

Powerful Development Tools

Visual FoxExpress goes beyond being just a framework by providing the richest set of tools to help you build applications and get up and running faster. The Visual FoxExpress Application Builder is absolutely the fastest way to build a Visual FoxPro application. Visual FoxExpress’ application builder acts as an alternative interface to the Visual FoxPro Project Manager that guides you through the creation of an application. All of the components are organized in a logical, topdown fashion and wizards are provided for everything. The “Advanced Business Object Wizard” allows the developer to create data access and business classes through a single wizard.

In addition to the wizards, a builder is also supplied for every class in the framework.

The Visual FoxExpress IDE always keeps the underlying Visual FoxPro project updated. Because of that you’re free to move back and forth between the high-power and productivity of the Visual FoxExpress IDE and the freedom and flexibility of the Visual FoxPro IDE.

Features Your End-Users Will Love

Of course, the Visual FoxExpress framework is also loaded with features end-users of your applications will really appreciate. Among some of the key features are:
• a powerful and easy to setup and manage security system
• rich support for parent, child relationships either within a form or across multiple forms
• object-oriented menus, including shortcut menus
• grids with keyboard searching built-in
• powerful and flexible search forms
• integrated ActiveX controls
• intuitive query tools
• a wide selection of toolbar and form controls

Visual FoxExpress Training

F1 Technologies offers Visual FoxExpress training on CD ROM or on-site. We are proud to offer the most powerful framework for Visual FoxPro and the most extensive training available for any Visual FoxPro framework.

Get Visual FoxExpress Today!

Application development is becoming increasingly more difficult. Today developers are expected to deliver more in less time and for less money. Whether you develop in-house applications or are a consultant, you need to create maintainable applications that readily adapt to customer expectations as quickly and economically as possible. In a nutshell, that’s what F1 Technologies Visual FoxExpress is all about.

Visual FoxExpress, The Complete OOP Framework for Visual FoxPro.

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